Look no further than the highly qualified team at Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH for hydraulics and fluid technology consultancy. This includes on-site visits, product training and communication with suppliers.

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH creates solutions:

  • Highly-skilled employees
  • Wide-ranging specialist expertise
  • Product training

An effective supply chain is key to the success of series manufacturers and mechanical engineers. High quality components, availability and on-time delivery are the result of good planning and efficient logistics.
Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH works with more than 50 regular suppliers and has access to more than 100,000 products. We offer everything from standard products for initial installation right through to spare parts, 3,000 of which are permanently in stock: from worm-drive clamps right through to centralized lubrication systems. We also stock customer-specific custom parts with guaranteed delivery time ex warehouse for our premium customers.

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH creates solutions:

  • Customer-specific spare parts stock
  • General agreements
  • Quality assurance agreements
  • Supplier minimization

Send us any unidentifiable parts and we will identify the product.

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH creates solutions:

  • Assessment of outturn samples and used components
  • Indication of current, deliverable products
  • Suggestion of alternatives and replacements

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH is an experienced partner in quality assurance processes. We assist you in the inspection of technical characteristics upon receipt of goods as well as in-manufacture measurements.

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH creates solutions:

  • Universal testing machine
  • Pressure test bench
  • 2D measurement machine
  • Quality management concept
  • Extended incoming goods inspection
  • Shore hardness test bench
  • Concentricity testing
  • Microscopic examination

Our qualified team will show you new possibilities in product optimization and assist you in the efficient machining and further processing of individual components. A variety of products can be put together depending on requirements. We develop solution-oriented products together with our customers.

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH creates solutions:

  • Assembly-ready delivery
  • Press-in of roller bearings
  • Screwing together and pre-assembly of small sub-assemblies
  • Assembly of sets

Pressure-tested components in your hydraulic circuits increase safety in the production process. We are specialists in the field of operational pressure testing. Reliable, safe and environmentally friendly testing of all hose varieties on the Uniflex P200 test stand available on request.

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH creates solutions:

  • Specially developed software for seamless documentation
  • Complete test report and certificate for hoses
  • Considerable quality improvement and increased operational reliability with less added expense
  • The benefit to you: long service lives for your production machines and plants
  • Non-destructive testing up to 1300 bar
  • CNC technology
  • Nominal diameter and pressure specifications

Hydraulic hoses are used in a variety of sectors of industry and are exposed to a wide variety of stresses. Press-fitting hose fittings has proven to be the most reliable of all methods. As an expert partner in hydraulics we can offer you an extensive range of products.

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH creates solutions:

  • High availability of hydraulic hoses lines and fittings
  • Multiple-component system
  • Proper assembly and leak-free connections
  • Indestructible labeling for easier identification of pipelinesYour competitive advantage: maximum corrosion protection thanks to high-quality surface Δ Plus premium quality with products from VOSS, Voswinkel and Semperit
  • Hoses checked within 24 hours
  • In-house manufacture for immediate collection

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH has in-depth knowledge when it comes to choosing the right manufacturer. We assist you in building up a professional and efficient supply chain and undertake the auditing of a wide range of manufacturers.

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH creates solutions:

  • Regular inspection of the manufacturing locations of our main suppliers
  • Examination of quality agreements as well as jointly developed manufacturing instructions
  • Saving time and money

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH is an experienced partner in master data management. That is because we are convinced that a company’s success is largely down to good master data management. Master data does after all form the basis for all business processes.

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH creates solutions:

Master data exchange of the following formats:

  • CSV file
  • BMEcat data
  • Excel

Here at Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH, top service when it comes to delivery is a matter of priority. Our broad base means we can offer our customers the fastest possible service.

Our own supply vehicle fleet and our fixed delivery schedule for the whole of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region guarantee the punctual and reliable supply of goods. We actually offer a daily delivery service for our customers in Bielefeld.

We can also use package services, haulers and couriers if desired. We work with reliable premium partners from the logistics sector to guarantee optimum supply quality.

We’re also well-positioned when it comes to exports, meaning we can ensure seamless supply to customers across the world.

Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH creates solutions:

  • In-house delivery vehicle fleet with fixed delivery schedule
  • Flexible use of parcel services, haulers and couriers
  • Strong export division
  • High supply quality and on-time delivery
  • Spare parts delivery possible within 24 hours – while stocks last
  • High planning reliability and increased efficiency for customers

The VOSSForm 100 forming machine guarantees time-saving, reliable production of the VOSSForm SQR contours. The monitored process, in conjunction with optimum tube guidance, makes it virtually impossible to produce defective forms due to incorrect operation.

Simple tool changes contribute considerably to reducing setup times. The clamping jaws and forming head can be replaced without tools. The distinctive marking of both tools and tube dimensions.

The advantages at a glance:

  • No high initial investment costs
  • Ready to use immediately thanks to its intuitive operating concept
  • Guaranteed ultimate process and leak-security
  • We assist you with machine commissioning and assembly training

Key terms and conditions:

  • Rent for one week’s work minimum
  • Machine is packaged in a transport-safe box
  • Tool kit custom-selectable
  • Available for rent in Germany
  • Machine insurance included
  • Transport ex works
  • Machinery rent per week: € 400 *
  • Cost per tool kit: € 60 / per week

*If you require to use the equipment longer term, please ask for a quote from