NORMA® connectors are indispensable in the automotive industry, in the home, both indoors and outdoors, in tunnels, on ships and in water supply. Find your optimum solution with NORMACLAMP® hose clamps; the range offers everything from standard hose clamps to dynamic spring-loaded versions.  

  • Hose clamps
  • COBRA bolt-free hose clamps
  • FBS DIN 3021 spring band clamps
  • GBS DIN 3017 hinge bolt clamps
  • HD worm-drive clamps
  • S/SP DIN 3017 DIN 3016 hose & clips
  • TORRO DIN 3017 worm-drive clamps
  • TX worm-drive clamps

NORMA Group fixing elements are used in the industries water management, air conditioning, plant construction, plumbing and construction. These fixing systems, used to fit pipes, hoses and wires to walls, ceilings and car bodyworks, are characterized by their outstanding quality and straightforward assembly.  

  • Standard RSGU 1. RS 1. DIN 3016
  • Open version RSGU 2. RS 2. DIN 3016
  • Round version RSGU 0. RS 0. DIN 3016
  • Fixings
  • NORMETTA continuous band clamping system
  • RS/RSGU DIN 3016 pipe retaining clamp
  • HMK retaining clamp with bracket
  • BS fixing clip DIN 72571 and DIN 72573

NORMAPLAST® are tried-and-tested plastic hose and pipe connection components designed to connect up media-conducting pipelines safely, reliably and efficiently. Hose and pipe connecting elements are used in car manufacturing, medical technology, mechanical engineering, the chemicals industry, the food and drink industry and almost all other branches of industry.

  • Screw-in sockets with threads
  • Hose connectors
  • Plastic pipe connectors

The NORMACONNECT® DIN standard 86128 pipe coupling is a reliable fixing element for thick- and thin-walled pipes. Supply and waste lines for liquids, gases and solids in plant construction, pipeline construction, shipbuilding, machinery, plant and power station construction as well as irrigation and drainage installations can be quickly, safely and efficiently assembled and dismantled with NORMACONNECT® pipe couplings.

  • Pipe connectors
  • FGR pipe couplings
  • DCS CV / CE wastewater technology
  • NORMA® first-aid repair clamps

Plug connectors are suitable in applications involving liquid media, pressurized air or inert gases. Quick and easy installation, can be assembled without any tools, quick release-connector, no additional sealant required, can be used with a variety of metal or plastic pipes, reliable and durable, multiple release and attachments possible.

  • NORMAQUICK® S plug connectors
  • NORMAQUICK® V2 plus connectors
  • NORMAQUICK® P3 push & seal plug connection
  • Plastic plug connectors
  • Hydraulic plug couplings

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The VOSS 24° ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353 pipe screw fitting is one of the most popular hydraulic coupling systems in the world. VOSS screw fittings are distributed with a high-quality VOSS protective surface coating (zinc-nickel) as standard. They ensure permanent leak-free pipe connections that can be assembled and dismantled as many times as you like. These are primarily used in the fields of plant and machinery construction, the food industry, the pharmaceuticals industry and the automotive industry.

  • Cutting ring screw fittings
  • Steel, stainless steel and brass screw fittings
  • 24° welded and taper crew fittings
  • ES-4 cutting ring screw fittings
  • 2SVA/ ES-4VA cutting rings
  • BV-10 flared screw fittings
  • VOSSFORMSQR / VOSSFORMSQRVA pipe screw fittings

Pressure gauges for gaseous and liquid non-viscous and non-crystallizing media that don’t corrode copper alloys. Hydraulics and pneumatics, heating and air conditioning technology and medical technology. Electro-hydraulic pressure sensors for closing or opening electrical contacts where pressure is exerted. These are used to trigger an electrical switching command or to signal further operations once a pre-set pressure value has been reached.

  • Measurement connections
  • Measurement hoses
  • Pressure sensors
  • Pressure gauges

VOSS pre-assembly devices and tools are specially designed for the assembly of pipe couplings. For every application, whether individual or series-production of cutting rings, VOSSFORMSQR, BV-10 flared cones or ZAKO collar rings, several different versions are available, from simple aids to assembly-force-controlled devices, including the associated tool inserts.

The VOSSForm 100 is also available for lease for precision and speed pipe forming.

  • Pre-assembly tools

We offer an extensive range of DIN and SAE-standard hydraulic hoses and hose lines for almost any task in industrial applications and the automotive industry. SEMPERIT hoses have proven their worth time and time again and can be fitted with products from all major manufacturers, for example Voswinkel with its zinc-nickel-plated surface. TECALAN hydraulic hoses and fittings are characterized by their high quality and extensive product range. TECALAN hoses are used in areas where operational reliability is a matter of great priority. They enable flexible manufacturing possibilities to meet all customer requirements.

  • Thermoplastic hydraulic hoses
  • High- and ultra-high pressure hoses
  • Screw fittings
  • Press fittings DIN 3863 and DIN 2353
  • Low-pressure rubber hoses
  • Hydraulic line connections
  • Tools and aids for machining
  • Hydraulic hoses EN 853 1SN-4SN

Wherever parts move against one another or shafts turn, lubrication must be reliably dispensed to reduce abrasion and prevent wear. Centralized lubrication systems are used to automatically or semi-automatically administer grease at lubrication points. Benefit from our expertise in the field of lubrication technology; we advise and offer tailored solutions for centralized lubrication, dosing and filling technology and lubrication.

  • Pumps and filters
  • Metering valves and distributors
  • 3/2-way solenoid valves
  • Floating switches
  • Oil pressure switches
  • Port with molded hole
  • Screw-in sockets

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TECALAN plastic tubes and components for transporting pressurized air and media have become well-established across a wide spectrum of applications due to their properties and quality. TECALAN is used across the machinery industry, in the chemicals industry and, above all, in the automotive industry. Our product range features seamless hydraulic tubes. With BENTELER Steel/Tube we have access to the products of one of the leading manufacturers of seamless precision steel tubes. These are supplied in lengths of up to 6m with a variety of different platings (chrome VI-free, phosphated and bonderized, 1.4571, 1.4541 and 1.4301 stainless steel) and sealed with plugs or caps.

  • Polyamide 11 and 12 plastic tubes
  • Connections for plastic tubes
  • Polyamide coiled tubing and molded parts
  • Tools and aids for processing
  • Steel tubes
  • Chrome VI-free steel tubes
  • Bonderized steel tubes
  • Stainless steel tubes

Our product range includes DIN 3015 pipe clamps and the accessories to match. These are easy to assemble for applications in the fields of heating, water, gas pipeline construction and pipe construction. Their high pressure and abrasion-resistance as well as their resistance to cold make them suitable for use in a variety of different areas.

  • Polypropylene pipe clamps (PP)
  • Polyamide pipe clamps (PA)
  • Elastomer pipe clamps (SA)
  • Aluminum pipe clamps (AL)
  • Weld-on plates in steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel
  • Cover plates in steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel
  • Mounting rails 2m in steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel
  • Mounting rail nuts in steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel
  • Bolts in steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel

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We offer a huge product selection in the field of lubrication and industrial technology, from greasing nipples and grease guns right through to electrical lubrication systems.

  • Greasing nipples
  • Grease guns
  • Oil cans and drip oil dispensers
  • Electrical lubrication systems

Whether shutting off, driving, controlling or moving, ball cocks are used to meet diverse requirements across all branches of industry. Ball cocks are fully closed when rotated 90°.

  • Stopcocks
  • High-pressure ball cocks
  • Low-pressure ball cocks
  • 3/2-way ball cocks

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