Successful in use a million times over: the VOSSForm SQR pipe coupling system

The VOSSFormSQR pipe coupling system from VOSS Fluid has been used successfully millions of times since it was launched on the market back in 2001; not one single leak has been recorded in that time.
This success is down to its unique functional principle and ease of operation. The forming system forms a 24° contour on standard hydraulic pipes, ensuring high-quality, cost-effective couplings. Its easy-to-assemble design and special structure enable secure and lasting leak-free couplings even under extreme conditions.

The hydraulic VOSS Form pre-assembly device allows quick and reliable manufacture of SQR contours. The monitored process combined with optimum pipe guidance makes incorrect forming as a result of incorrect use of the device almost impossible.

Machining times are considerably reduced given the ease of changing tool attachments: Clamping jaws and forming heads can be replaced without any tools. Furthermore, the clear labeling of both tools prevents assembly mistakes due to incorrect tool and pipe dimension combinations.

The advantages at a glance:

  • No high initial investment costs
  • Ready to use immediately thanks to its intuitive operating concept
  • Guaranteed ultimate process and leak security
  • We assist you with machine commissioning and assembly training

Key terms and conditions:

  • Lease for one week’s work minimum
  • Machine is packaged in a transport-safe box
  • Tool kit custom-selectable
  • Available for lease in Germany
  • Machine insurance included
  • Transport ex works
  • Machinery lease per week: €400 *
  • Cost per tool kit: €60 / per week

*If you require to use the equipment longer term, please ask for a quote from